Artist’s Statement

The need to lay down paint on a clean white canvas is as essential as breathing for me. Like hunger, the urge won’t go away until it’s fulfilled. My own emotions inspire me most. It may be rage, euphoria, tenderness or despair. I feel emotions in colors and my feelings tell me what colors to apply. At times nature moves me, I do however think that nature is absolute perfection, that’s why I don’t want to duplicate it, just let it guide me in colors and it’s intricate patterns. I feel that our world, and life in general is chaotic and disorganized, therefor in my paintings I want to have order and organization. I like vertical and horizontal lines , they give me the sense of order that I seem to long for. I see patterns emerge that depicts my need for order and the undeniable reality of the messy life. In some paintings somber colors are mixed with bright colors just as in life beauty coexists with darkness and evil. There are times that the colors are blended and borders disappear similar to the uncertainties in life and our human need for interdependence.